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Herbal Community
Of Central Mass

Welcome 2022! Happy New Year to all the herbies near and far!

Herb of the Month

Solomon Seal 

Latin Binomial: Polygonatum biflorum, P. multiflorum

Solomon’s seal is a member of the Asparagaceae family and relative to Lily-of-the-Valley. The American Natives used root as tea indigestion, lung ailments, women’s tonic, sleep aid, laxative and coughs.  A fresh root poultice was used for external applications on sharp pains, cuts, bruises and sores. 

Tincture form is a good addition to herbal first aid for hiking bruises and cuts. Solomon Seal is considered anti-inflammatory and astringent. 

Member Recommended Book

Winner of the 2021 American Botanical Council James A. Duke Excellence in Botanical Literature Award

 Christopher Hobbs, a mycologist and herbalist at the forefront of contemporary research, profiles the most powerful medicinal mushrooms and explains the nutritional and medicinal compounds in each one. Detailed instructions cover how to select, store, and prepare each variety for use. 

“I took the class with Christopher at Botanicwise.com and found it invaluable.  I learned so much about medicinal mushrooms.  I am now trying to incorporate more mushrooms in my diet–and you should, too!

– Denise, President


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Herbal News

Note from our President!

Our meetings are held as hybrid, both in person and on zoom. The in person may change according to CDC recommendations. Please bring a mask if attending in person. 

Looking forward to seeing you all  in 2022 with new and exciting classes and chats!



Non Members are welcome to participate to any of our meetings. Fees may apply. 

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Cultivate a healthy body, a quiet mind, an open heart and a vibrant spirit with herbs.

Have some class

We host many classes with professional herbalists.

Make scents!

Flower essences, essential oils and plant spirits.

Your peace of mind

Make your own self care product the natural way.

Learn about the many different trees and herb species.

Western, Native American, Ayurvedic and Chinese herbs

We specialize in...

  • Gardening and Harvesting
  • Culinary Uses
  • Traditional Herbal Preparations
  • History and Traditions
  • Enviromental Advocacy
  • Endangered Herb Species

What members say

Being a farmer, I used herbs in many ways and joined the club to share ideas. Being with like minded people, I enjoyed it so much, I became President!
Natalie Johnson
Past President of HCOCM
I believe in HCOCM mission to teach people the benefits of herbs. It is important to understand nature's gifts.
Laura Busky
I founded HCOCM with my herbal classmates to create an herbalists network but it grew into so much more. This journey is so fulfilling learning and enjoying events together.
Sharyn Hocurscak
Webmaster/Past Pres.

Our diverse membership provideds a rich body of knowledge for professionals and hobbyists alike. Connect with us for a new community of herbalists.

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