Herbal Community of Central Mass

The Herbal Community of Central Massachusetts (HCOCM) is a gathering of herb enthusiast sharing in discussions, activities and events in all things herbal. We delve into herbal gardening, making herbal products, cullinary recipes and advocating for the protection of Earth’s herbal enviroment. We sponsor and cosponsor events with an herbal and plant focus at various venues throughout Central Massachusetts.

We meet monthly and meetings are listed in EVENTS or in the below calendar.  Event discounts are regularly given or free classes for members.

Annual fees are $35 for an individual or $50 for all immediate family members.    

In 2011, the idea of the HCOCM was conceived after members of a Linda Russell’s herbal apprenticeship group completed their studies.  Since there was always more to learn with herbs, we continued with study groups, invited speakers and held meetings monthly.  This resulted in realizing we were truly a club intrigued with the comaradery and continued herbal enthusiasm.  Over the years, we evolved into a not for profit, 501(c)7, to further support herbal events and panel discussions for public education.