Herbstalk 2020 Virtual!

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Date(s) - 08/29/2020
10:00 am - 4:00 pm



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Many of our vendors are offering discounts
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Tune in from 10am to 5pm on our Facebook page
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 Recordings will be available to watch later if you miss anything! 

Watch the following classes  on our Facebook page:

11:00 AM
Home Nursing Skills
with Katja Swift & Ryn Midura
< Watch on our Facebook page >

​It’s not just coronavirus, there’s a lot going on right now! Between the usual circulating strains of flu, some spring colds, and the stirrings of allergy season, plenty of folks are feeling rough. But it’s up to all of us to reduce strain on the medical system right now, so it’s more important than ever that we learn some herbal home nursing basics. These skills can help us to deal with minor issues on our own, so the health care workers can focus where they’re really needed.

12:00 PM
Ancestral Work: Indigenous Traditions of North Africa
with Leila Bihkak Gutierrez
< Watch on our Facebook page >

Join Jaia on this exploration of ancestral wisdom through her North African indigenous folklore, mythology & mysticism. Many of us are embarking on a journey of cultural empowerment as we reconnect to our ancestral legacy. Through this class, highlighting her Amazigh indigenous roots and how her ancestors influenced many cultures of the region, Jaia aims to leave you feeling empowered to break free from patriarchal constructs and to conduct your own research in an enlightened manner as you embrace the wisdom your DNA carries.

1:00 PM
Herbs for Seasonal Allergies
with Hannah Jacobson-Hardy
< Watch on our Facebook page >

Seasonal allergies got you down? Herbal remedies have been used for hundreds of years to prevent and relieve allergies. Learn which plants can be made into remedies for giving you relief during allergy season.

2:00 PM
Medicinal Garden Tour
with Lindsay Chimileski

< Watch on our Facebook page >

Join in for a tour through medicinal garden beds, lovingly cultivated by naturopathic physicians and students. Dr. Lindsay Chimileski will walk with the herbs and share their historical medicinal uses. We may see elecampane, althea, belladonna, hawthorn, melissa, yarrow, nettles, tussilago, motherwort, bloodroot, eleuthero, teasel, chelidonium, goji berries, wormwood, purslane, plantain, balloon flower, astragalus, valerian, passion flower, hops, artichoke, rue, datura, saint johns wort, echinacea, spearmint, ziziphus, albizia and more.

3:00 PM
Tick Bite Protocol 
Jade Alicandro Mace

< Watch on our Facebook page >

Addressing tick bites, which are the vectors for potential infection, is an important part of Lyme Disease and co-infection prevention. In this class Jade will share her herbal protocol including herbs to use directly on the bite, internal herbal support, and dietary recommendations as well.

4:00 PM
​Intro to Herb Gardening
with Jenny Hauf
< Watch on our Facebook page >

Are you longing for an herb garden filled with beautiful and aromatic plants well-suited to both your teapot and the wildlife in your neighborhood? No matter what space you have, whether it’s a backyard, windowsill, or fire escape, this class will help you to plan an herb garden gorgeously suited to your space.We’ll also be discussing a few of the easiest herbs for beginner gardeners, such as aloe, tulsi, and calendula.​

Watch the following classes live on our speakers’ Instagram accounts:

10:30 PM
Harriet’s Gourd
with Arira Adeeke
< Join on Instagram and follow @seedofosun to watch >

Harriet Tubman was known to carry healing plant ancestors in her gourd for every trip to heal, guide, and protect. This class will follow these sacred plants and their legacy through the transatlantic and the road to freedom.

11:30 PM
Plant Allies for Resiliency 
with Irischa Valentin
< Join on Instagram and follow @delatierrabotanicals to watch >

In this mini-workshop, we learn to remember and re-learn the plant beings that uphold our resilience.  We learn from the plants/herbs that support our ability to protect ourselves in challenging times.

12:30 PM 
A Community Discussion on Natural Products
with Joye Williams
< Join on Instagram and @joyefullynatural to watch >

Join Joye of Joyefully Natural in an interactive discussion around natural personal care products. Come ready to share your views, opinions, and experiences on today’s growing natural products industry. Are natural ingredients in your personal care products important to you? How do you learn about natural products in today’s environment? Together we can learn from each other’s experiences and perceptions so that we can better navigate and align with our goals in this self-care journey.

​1:30 PM 

Plants and Poetry
with Maggie Haaland
< Join on Instagram and follow @maggieruth to watch >

Description coming soon…

2:30 PM 
Dyeing with Nettle
with Amy Lou Stein
< Join on Instagram and follow @craftworksomerville to watch >

Amy Lou Stein is constantly exploring the glory of the plant world in all its facets. Through her studio “Craftwork Somerville” she curates and teaches classes on natural dyeing, herbalism, fiber crafts, the zodiac and more. Please join her as she walks you through the process of natural dyeing with nettles and a few other easily found plants.

3:30 PM
Plant Medicine + Meditation to Restore Your Nervous System
with Nicole Lebreux
< Join on Instagram and follow @nicolelebreux to watch>

In this interactive class you will learn meditation practices + breathing techniques to help bring peace and relaxation into all parts of your being. Also meet plant medicine allies that have an affinity towards supporting your nervous system.

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