Temperature Matters!

In our past Chinese Herbal Medicine series with Chris Marano, warm liquids were heavily emphasized but wasn’t just for snowy winters. Temperature matters for more than you think!

Chris explained, “Here is what the Chinese say. It is important to protect digestive Qi, which is warm and generated most strongly by the stomach. Cold fluid is considered damaging and dampening to this warm digestive environment. In turn, this can slow and diminish optimum digestion and cause fluids and ingested food to coalesce and clog up the works. “

Chris goes on to say, “This is especially true in colder months, and in the morning when first waking. There is a tradition of drinking a very warm glass of water — often with a squeeze of lemon — to prime the digestive motor so to speak. Cold fluids are considered medicinal and saved for times when one is overheated, say by overworking in the summer sun.”

So this winter, not only do warm teas help the soul but more so with digestion. So pull out your favorite teas and even if it doesn’t have digestive herbs like ginger, cinnamon or cloves, your digestive juices will get kick started with the warming effect. Drink up!