Time to Redesign and Redefine!

Ahhh winter.  A quiet respite from the garden, right?  Not quite. Yes, the physical downtime is nice but there’s still plenty to do garden-wise.  We’ve all heard that it’s a great time to peruse seed catalogues. Yes, that is still a favorite pastime in the winter, especially with a cup of tea in hand.  I’d add a second part to that – redesigning, redefining and possibly adding to our gardens.

The great thing about gardens, and working(playing) with plants in particular is that we can change them up fairly easily.  What do we want more of, or less of? Maybe there is something a little out of balance that we need to adjust by moving or adding a plant, or maybe extending the garden. Now is a good time to assess what you want from your gardens, from ornamental value to more edible and/or medicinal plants. 

Do you want to add any structures? Maybe create a quiet space to relax and enjoy your days and evenings. Go outside and look at your yard while it’s sleeping. What do you envision for next season?

I walked through my yard last week and came in and drew a plan for a small orchard area and a place to move my vegetable garden.  Of course most of this area is full of multiflora roses and bittersweet right now! But where this use to just look like a tangled mess, I now have a vision for it. I already went back and started cutting away bittersweet and rose canes. I doubt I could finish it this coming year but I look forward to working towards my goal.

I’ve taken out my seed catalogues, gardening magazines and checked out online resources for plants.  The lists have started! I encourage you to use this time to continue “gardening” by planning for the next season. It will help keep away the winter blahs and you’ll be ready to go when spring finally gets here!